Stone Chip Prevention Kit | Front Windshield and Headlamp Protection films

Safety and security film for ultimate front windscreen protection and XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection for lasting Headlamp Protection.

Disclaimer: All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary for different car models and series.



Safety & Security Film

Front Windscreen Protection Safety Film is installed directly on the exterior glass on the front windscreen to prevent stone chips n cracks. It adds a protective layer to keep glass in tact in case of vandalism, severe weather, and accidents involving broken glass.

The film holds shattered glass together, protecting passengers from broken and flying glass. This also increases the amount of time and effort it takes a thief to enter your vehicle, providing a powerful deterrent to smash and grab theft. 

The clear safety / security film can be applied over tinted glass to improve solar performance and glare. These thicker films meet stringent standards for bulgary resistance, blast mitigation, windborne debris and basic safety glazing.

Block Harmful UV rays

Blocks 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays to protect car interior from fading and aging.

Protect Against Accidents

Our safety film helps keep shattered glass intact to protect against accidents.

Strengthen Glass

Strong material with 4 mil thickness to increase the strength of your windscreen.


High Clarity

90% Visible Light Transmittance for high clarity on the road.

UV Rejection

99% rejection of harmful Ultra-Violet rays and keep your interior new.

Glare Reduction

Reduce glares for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Heat Rejection

Protect your car interior and have ease of mind.

Impact Resistance

Stop rock chips with higher impact resistance than glass alone.

Longer Lasting

Our safety film technology gives you longer lasting protection.


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