RIKESHIELD Windscreen Protection


Have a peace of mind your entire drive with the highest grade of windscreen protection film in the market. RIKESHIELD Windscreen Protection takes care of the safety and security of your front windscreen, giving it lasting clarity and durability.

Disclaimer: All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary for different car models and series. Performance of the film may defer at speeds higher than 180km/hr.

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Windscreen Protection

Cracks and chips in windshields can be hazardous and expensive to repair. With RIKESHIELD Windscreen Protection film, you can provide your customers the world’s most respected, optically-clear protection for vehicle windshields. This patented product absorbs the impact of typical road hazards, significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bull’s-eyes; leaving the glass in pristine condition.

The film holds shattered glass together, protecting passengers from broken and flying glass. This also increases the amount of time and effort it takes a thief to enter your vehicle, providing a powerful deterrent to smash and grab theft.

The clear safety / security film can be applied over tinted glass to improve solar performance and glare. These thicker films meet stringent standards for bulgary resistance, blast mitigation, windborne debris and basic safety glazing.

Block Harmful UV rays

Blocks >99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays to protect car interior from fading and aging.

Protect Against Accidents

Our safety film helps keep shattered glass intact to protect against accidents.

Strengthen Glass

Strong material with 4 mil thickness to increase the strength of your windscreen.



High Clarity

89% Visible Light Transmittance. Optically clear, invisible windshield protection.

UV Rejection

>99% rejection of harmful Ultra-Violet rays. Protects interiors from fading, keeping your interior new.


Water droplets will roll or runoff the surface faster, preventing water spots from forming.

Scratch Resistance

Proprietary 7H scratch-resistant coating maintains the structural integrity of the windshield.

Impact Resistance

Protects glass from road debris that can damage unprotected glass leading to breakage.

Longer Lasting

Warrantied not to peel, bubble, crack, or yellow. Essential for luxury vehicles and vehicles with ADAS technology.


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