INTRODUCING Our new Premium paint protection film from Japan

RIKESHIELD Paint Protection Film combines the highest levels of performance, optical quality, and durability. Specially ngineered to combine elegance and functionality to enhance aesthetics.


Special high durability raw material realized to keep performance under long-term outdoor.


Make your paint surface very slick. Water rolls off the surface when your car or bicycle is in motion.


Superior quality polyurethane realized to heal the film scratch when heat the film surface above 90℃.


Antipollution coating protects the adhesion from dirt and exerts the decontamination performance.


Excellent gloss finish. Keep surfaces new and beautiful with exceptional transparency and gloss.

Easy Installation

Easy folding to curved surface enhance the installation. Works beautifully around the edges and tight curves.


Rikeshield Paint Protection Film Technical Specifications

Tensile Property 1

Breaking Strength [N/15mm] = 93.8

Tensile Property 2

Breaking Elongation [%] = 458

Adhesion Property 1

30 minutes after adhering [N/25mm] = 14.5

Adhesion Property 2

24 hours after adhering [N/25mm] = 16.5

Heat Resistance

80°C500h = No Detrimental Effect

Chemical Resistance

24 hours after drop [Gasoline/Light Oil/Wax/Neutral Detergent/Battery Fluid] = No Detrimental Effect

Haze Value

Glass: 0.46 = 0.63 Haze Value after installed on the glass