SONAX Car A/C cleaner AirAid probiotic Ocean-fresh

The air conditioner in the vehicle is an ideal breeding ground for musty odors. SONAX A/C Power Cleaner cleans the air conditioner unit, the ventilation system, and the evaporator quickly and easily eliminates unpleasant odors and ensures a fresh fragrance in the interior. Especially fast and easy in application: after just 15 minutes and without effort the vehicle is operational again.


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Contents: 100 ml


  • Cleans the air conditioner unit and ventilation system
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • provides a fresh fragrance
  • Especially easy application!


  • Shake can before use.
  • Start the engine
  • Set the air conditioner to cold, and with circulation at the highest level, to circulating air.?Open all ventilation slots.
  • Slide the passenger seat all the way forwards and fold down the backrest.
  • Hold the can away from body and engage the spray head by pressing and place in the rear footwell
  • Leave the vehicle and close windows and doors
  • After 15 minutes turn off the engine, open all doors and allow to air for at least 10 minutes.

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